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How To Build a Murphy Bed

Murphy Bed Murphy Bed Plans How to Build a Murphy Bed

What Is A Murphy Bed?

So just what is a Murphy bed? For years I had heard the name but had no idea what it really was. Essentially, a Murphy bed is a wall bed that folds up into a wall to save space. It was patented by William Murphy way back in 1916. Since then it has become very popular in small apartments, dorm rooms, and offices. In fact, it is a great space saving bed for any tight situation. A Murphy bed typically has some sort of a cabinet on the outside, hiding the bed in the wall or on the wall. Hence the other name Murphy wall bed. Some people will build book shelves on either side of the Murphy bed. These beds come in all sorts of sizes to fit your particular needs and you can find Murphy beds for sale or you can build a Murphy bed with some woodworking plans.