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Space Saving Beds – What is the Difference between Murphy Beds, Platform Beds, and Bunk Beds?

If you live in a place that feels too small, you probably need a space saving bed to help you out. However, with several kinds of space saving beds, what kind should you choose? That depends entirely on your personal needs. Come with me know as I introduce you to each of these beds.

Murphy Beds: There are many advantages of Murphy beds or wall beds. First off, these beds save lots of space. A Murphy bed folds up into a wall or cabinet of some sort which is on the wall. These beds are great for visitors as they can be out of the way nearly every day of your life, but when you have guests, they can fold down and provide a bed to sleep on. Typically, Murphy beds do not have box springs; instead they lie on a solid wooden platform. These wall beds are made in just about every bed size imaginable. They cost anywhere from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Or you can build your own with some Murphy bed plans.

Platform Beds: Unlike a Murphy Bed, a platform bed is designed for your bedroom that might lack space. There are several advantages of a platform bed. First of all, they allow you to get rid of your Chester drawers or your dresser in your room. These space saving beds are designed in a few different ways. Some of these platform beds are designed to go against your wall. Others are designed to be away from the wall. Typically, these platform beds have one, two, or three rows of drawers. Some platform beds are designed with a box spring, however, like Murphy beds, most do not have box springs. You can buy a platform bed for a few hundred dollars to well over a thousand dollars or you can get some platform bed plans and build your own.

Bunk Beds: Like a platform bed, a bunk bed is a space saving bed that is typically more permanently used. Bunk beds are very popular in families where children have to share a bedroom. These bed’s save lots of space since they go against a wall, or if you have an L shaped bunk bed, they fit into the corner of the room. There is the top bunk and the bottom bunk, and many times the top bunk is right above the bottom bunk. These beds allow two children to share a room and still have room left for a play area. If you are really crammed for space, you could have four children and two bunk beds in one room. You can find some inexpensive bunk beds at IKEA or you can get some bunk bed plans and do it yourself to make your own.

Well, if you are looking for space saving beds, you have come to the right place to get some information. We hope this article has answered the following questions.

·       What is the difference between a platform bed and a bunk bed?

·       What is the difference between a Murphy bed and a bunk bed?

·       What is the difference between a platform bed and a Murphy bed?